Level 30: A Recap

Level 30: A Recap

It’s under weird circumstances that I’m writing this blog post.  It seems to me that I’m on the tail end of this COVID disease.  Fevers are decreasing in frequency without the utilization of any antipyretics, and the body aches that were commonplace a couple days ago have since disappeared.  I didn’t plan on contracting COVID for a second time, but as a lot of how 2020 transpired, many things are out of our control.  Luckily for me, there were plenty of things I managed to salvage and kept control over, and this was by design.

Since age 24, every birthday I’ve ever had had a theme associated with it.  30 was no different except for the fact that this theme was more of a broad abstraction rather than a congruent, tangible theme.  I promised myself a couple of things, and these promises I’ve kept.  So here are a couple of these promises.

1. Fall in love…with yourself.

It was a hard pill to swallow and quite frankly the source of much of my insecurities for many years, but the realization that I had to love myself first before being a suitable partner (in any regard, romantic, friendship, business, etc), was so glaringly obvious, but for whatever odd reason, I was being blatantly ignorant to this fact of life.  I was under the impression that my value did not exist unless validated by someone else.  For some reason, I was not worthy of love unless somebody showed it to me.  I was not a “good” artist unless I was validated by others I respected.  Learn to love yourself, your art, your creations, and your progress, and everything will fall into place.

2. The most important investment you can make in your life is your health.

30 is the age where I could say I managed to lose 70 pounds.  Losing 70 lbs probably did save my life.  I’m sure COVID would have wreaked havoc to my body then and I probably would’ve been dead by now if I still weighed 247 lbs.  Aside from all the compliments, the attention, and witnessing my body change in the mirror, this promise weighs especially more significantly because weight has been something I’ve struggled with my entire life.  All it took was the strong support of a team that kept me accountable.  All it took was perseverance.  All it took was an insane belief in myself.  I still have about 20 more lbs left to go, but I can promise you, if you don’t recognize me now, you’re sure as hell not going to recognize me at 32.

3. Get your house in order.

We play into our personas on social media.  This promise was rather simple.  Get my health up.  Get my wealth up.  And live life with the people that make life worth it.  Chase success, and nothing else.  Success in age 30 was pretty straight forward: lose weight, move out, get out of debt (pay off the car).  As stated in previous blog posts, check my track record; I never miss.  Level 31 will be a continuation of this promise.

4. Give credit (to yourself) when it’s due.

I think it’s human nature to associate significant events with “turning points” in our lives.  For example, a person getting laid off and hitting “rock bottom” could be the catalyst for that person to change their life choices in order to get out from that rut.  Another common example, and one that I’ve been accused of several times, is the concept of “revenge bod.”  This part is really laughable, but I digress.  Many times, yes, it’s true, it takes a significant “event” to catapult you into seeking progress, but it’s important to understand that the actual change came from within, not this arbitrary event.  Give yourself credit when it’s due.  Everything you’ve worked hard for, you’ve earned.  Don’t let anyone, not even yourself, take that away from you.

There were more promises, but the fever is starting to act up again.  Wish me luck!