an introduction of sorts

an introduction of sorts


2020 has thrown everyone for a loop, including me.  Despite the chaos of 2020–namely the pandemic, civil unrest, and the incessant feelings of isolation one must feel through all of this–there’s certainly a silver lining that isn’t always addressed.  Everyone’s 2020 differs on a case by case basis, and fortunately for me, it’s been a time for growth, healing, and reconnection with what matters most in life.  Though I’ve stopped seeing a therapist back in April, he once told me that keeping a daily journal helps with the process of self-growth, and since early-December of last year, I’ve been religiously writing, filling up three notebooks that are now filed away in a remote corner of my unnecessarily large walk-in closet.

Once a month, I take the time to revisit my writings.  In them are stories of varying detail and intensity of emotion, in a constant balancing act of attempting to be succinct and thorough at the same time.  I’d be remiss to not admit that verbal catharsis should probably be chaotic and unhinged, but even amidst my own private outpouring from pen to paper, a type of logical consciousness prevents me from truly being in the moment.  And that’s ok.  Much of it, like the songs I’ve written, is laughable now, especially those of which made it to my previous blog.  With all that said, welcome to my new blog.

There’s those who know me.
Those who think they know me.
Those who know a version of me.
And those who don’t matter.

That being said, this blog serves as an extension to my notebook writings.  And just as I view songwriting, the truth is in between the lines as the devil is in the details, veiled under the pretense of full-disclosure.  In any case, I’m of the belief that this is the last blog I’ll ever start, so I’m committed to taking inventory of the time I will spend on this.

If you’re just starting this journey with me, welcome.
If you’ve been with me from the jump, thank you.